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Snap EDR is preinstalled on your SnapServer. You need only configure it from the GuardianOS (Snap EDR link under Extras in the Site Map). However, if you want to include Windows, Linux, or Mac workstations as Agents, or if you need to reinstall or upgrade Snap EDR, you must download the installation files. Choose one of the following options to get started:

Downloading and Installing Snap Enterprise Data ReplicatorTM (Snap EDRTM)
Step 1 Install and configure the Snap EDR Management Console.
Step 2 For non-SnapServers, download the Snap EDR Agent Information File. For SnapServer-only installations, skip to Step 3.
Step 3 Install and configure Snap EDR Agents.
Downloading Installation Files for Windows, Linux, or Mac Agents
Open the Snap EDR Agents page and scroll to the appropriate instructions.
Finding More Information on Snap EDR

Click here to access the complete set of Snap EDR product documentation.

Obtaining Technical Support

To obtain additional service or technical support for your SnapServer, call the following numbers or visit

Americas and Asia Pacific: Monday - Friday (except holidays) 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM U.S. Pacific Time

Toll-Free (U.S. and Canada): 1-877-654-3429

International: 1-858-571-5555, option 5

Europe, Middle East, and Africa: Monday - Friday (except holidays) 8:00 - 5:00 GMT

English, French, and German languages:

+44 (0) 118-9898050

Have your model, server number, and OS version information; a description of the issue; any conditions, programs, or other factors that may be contributing to the issue; and the steps needed to reproduce the problem.

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